Sharing Files Over a Network

This is article will tell you how to share things on a network. You need to make sure you are connected to a network by clicking on my network places. Then click on your network and it will show all of the computers on your network and if this happens you are connected. Then you have to find what you want to share on the network. If it is a hard drive go to my computer and right click on the hard drive that you want to share. Then a menu will come up and you have to select properties. Then  a window will pop up that has information on your hard drive. Then there will be tabs on the top of the page such as general, tools, hardware, sharing, security, and quota. Click on sharing and it will say do not share this folder or share this folder. click on share this folder. Then under it you can create a name for the share. this name will show up when you find your share on the network. You don't have to leave a comment on it if you don't want to. Then under that there is an option that will limit the people that can use the file at the same time. Just click maximum allowed. Then hit apply. Then when you go to your hard drive again you will see a hand under your hard drive icon and this means that it is being shared on the network. To access this folder from the network click on my network places and then click on entire network. Then hit show entire contents if nothing is displayed. Then an icon will come up that will say Microsoft windows network. Click on this and then click on your domain icon. then click on the computer that it is being shared from and then you will see the share folder you created. click on it to open it. With this you can access all of the files on this hard drive from any computer on your network. But be warned anyone on your network can access this file so be careful what you share. Now this is how to share a folder on your network. To share a folder make a new folder and then drag all the files that you want into it. Then right click on it and hit properties. You will set this share up the same way you did for your hard drive. Now when you set up a disk drive such as your (D:) drive, which is the drive where you put your cd's in you will share it the same way as before but this time when you access it, whatever cd you have inside your drive will show up on the network and people can actually run the cd from another computer over a network. This is how to create shares. I hoped this helped and I hope you enjoyed this!

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