The Right Computer For Your Needs

When picking out a computer consider what you will use it for before you buy it. If you will need it for office work, for traveling, gaming. or a server you should look for a computer that will fit these needs. If you need it for office work you should get a descent desktop computer. For this computer you should look to get a computer with a core 2 duo processor, and 512 megabytes t0 1 gigabyte of Ram. For your video card you can just get basically any type for an office computer but if you get a computer with a core 2 duo the chances are it will have a good video card. You will want an hard drive between 60-100 gigabytes for your work. You can get a bigger hard drive depending on how much you will be putting on your computer. These are the parts that you want in your computer and all the other parts left in the computer are good for your office needs. If you travel you will want to get a laptop, obviously because they are mobile computers and if you are using it for work just stick to the office computer guidelines. Now if you are a gamer I wouldn't recommend using a laptop to game because it can be hard because of the touch pads. You can get a mouse for it but that will coast more money. Also when using laptop you usually will be connected wirelessly and the signally isn't good enough to play games with and you will lag. I have done this and it is very annoying. Now get a desktop computer with a big screen and high definition picture if you wish. This is very cool to game with but very expensive. You will want a core 2 duo with close to 3.0 gigahertz of speed and you will need to have no less than 1 gig of ram or you games will load slow. I recommend 2 gigs of ram because things will load a lot faster. For amazing performance you can get a quad core at 2.0 gigahertz. A quad core is like for processors in one but they coast up to $1000 dollars. This is to expensive for some so if you can get it get it but if you can't a core 2 duo should be sufficient. You will also want a high quality sound card for the best sound while playing. You will need to have a good video card to play or else your game will seem to skip while you are playing it. You will want to have the best sound card possible which is a direct x 10 video card. This is the newest and has high definition capabilities. if you are gaming you will want somewhat of a big hard drive such as 100-120 gigabytes to store your games on. Also you might want to get a nicer mouse with your computer so it moves smoother because if you have a bad mouse it can really mess up your performance. This computer will be very expensive but if you want to have a good gaming computer that loads fast and doesn't lag this is what you have to get. You can get slightly lower performing hardware like a core 2 duo at 2.8 gigahertz to save some money. Also some games require better hardware than others to run at their full capacity. Now moving on to a server computer. If you want to use a computer as a server for your network it will coast a lot to get a good one but it will make things faster on your network. You can use any old computer that is descent for a small home server but if you need a server for a school or bigger network you should get a good one. You will want one with a quad core processor or you can have more than one intel xeon processor at 2.0 gigahertz or higher. To have more then one processor you will need a server motherboard with two processor slots and these are very expensive. You will want many gigs of ram for this computer. You should really have about 2-3 but no less. You will need a really big hard drive for this computer because it will hold a lot of data. You should get a 300 gigahertz hard drive or more. You can also have two hard drives or more which helps. When it comes to sound and screens, you really don't need good sound for a good server. Now chances are you can't just find all these in a regular computer store so you will need to order it off the internet and have someone put it together. But ask them to get the right types of parts and to make sure they are compatible. This is a cheep and helpful site for computer parts : Newegg You can get cheeper parts here. I hope that you enjoyed this article and find the computer you need. :)

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