De-Fragmenting Your Computer

This article will tell you how to de-fragment your computer. When you de-fragment your computer it fixes corrupt files, folders etc.. It will also speed up your computer a little bit. If you haven't done this in a long time or its your first time it will probably take a long time so do this at night or when you don't need to use your computer. So first you have to click on the my computer icon on your desktop. Then go to your local disk (C:), (E:), or whatever it is named. It is sometimes different for other computers but most of the time it will be named (C:). Then you want to right click on it and a menu will come up. Then you want to click on properties. Then a window will come up and it will show the space on your hard drive. There will also be tabs on the top of the window that say general, tools, hardware etc.. Click on the tools tab and then 3 options will come up. Then go and click de-fragment now. Then click on the volume you want to de-fragment. EX. (C:). Then click on de-fragment and it will start the process. While it is de-fragmenting you don't want to use the computer because it will slow down the process and sometimes it will have to restart. So once it is done your computer should run a little faster and files and folders should open a bit quicker.

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