Virus Protection

Most people get viruses from downloading files from the internet. They download from any site that will offer them FREE stuff. This being computer games, movies, and music. This is where you will get your viruses from. You shouldn't download from a site that you just found to get free stuff. Some times you won't get a virus, but when you do it will cost a lot more to fix your computer than it would to buy the actual product that you were trying to get for free. If you are going to download from websites, download from popular download sites such as or Also when downloading from a site, make sure that it has HTTP:// at the beginning of the url. This is because hackers create fake copies of the site so that you think that you are safe and you download something or enter personal information. When downloading something free NEVER download from a BitTorrent! This is because they are mostly likely to have viruses on them. Also if you are getting a free program the torrent can be a trap to catch you downloading something illegal. Also anything that looks suspicious or is to good to be true could be a virus. There are also programs such as Limewire and Morpheus. These programs are illegal... But they are helpful when getting free programs. Some programs are not viruses and some are! You need to be careful what you get because you could put a virus on your computer. These aren't the safest programs to get things from and many other people have gotten viruses from them. If you are going to download music or a program, make sure that the file size is about the same size as a normal program or music file. This is because a file that is to small or big is probably not going to be the file you want. This could be a virus that is named after a song to get you to download it. Another important thing is that when you are in a forum and someone posts a link, be careful because this could be a link to a bad site with viruses. Have someone check it out for you before you click on it. The best way to deal with viruses is to have an antivirus program installed on your computer. You don't need the best but you don't want the worst. A popular program is Norton Antivirus. When you have an antivirus you will want to scan your computer daily or weekly. Also you NEED to keep you virus definitions up to date. This protects you from new viruses that have just come out. If you follow these guidelines you should be safe from viruses.  The purpose of a virus is to make your computer inoperable. There are viruses that can control you computer and also give away your personal information to hackers. Once this happens you are in big trouble! So stay safe from viruses and enjoy :)

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