Backing Up Your Hard Drive

This will help you copy all of your important files so they are not lost if your computer breaks or if you need to reformat your hard drive. You have a few ways that you can backup your data. You can save them to a flash drive, floppy, burn them to a disk, or an external hard drive.  The two best ways to do this are by burning your information to a disk or saving it to an external hard drive. This is because you can store many files on a hard drive and disk. To burn a disk you need to have a cd burner and dvd read write disks. Now once or if you have these, you can burn a disk. First make a folder and find all of your important files and drag them into the folder. make sure you have all of your important data in this folder. you can make additional folders inside of this folder to organize your data. Now open up the program that came or works with you cd burner. Make the program burn files. After this it will ask you to select the files you want to burn. Select your folder with all of the information in. Then put your cd in the burner and click burn. Once it is done check your disk to make sure that everything is on it. To check it, go to my computer and click on your (D:) drive and this will open your cd. Now to save your information on an external hard drive you need to have an external hard drive connected to your computer or on your network. Now make a folder with all of your important data in it. Then once you do that, right click on the folder and hit copy. Then find your external hard drive and click on it. Then paste your folder inside the hard drive. Then double check that it copied the folder and that everything is in there. Now to save your folders to a flash drive or floppy make the same folder with everything in it and copy it to your device. Now after you have backed up everything you are ready to reformat your computer if you want to. Also you will have copies of all of your files so you will not lose them if you have a computer problem.

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