Adding a Printer to Your Computer

This article will tell you how to add a computer, so that when you want to print to a printer in a program such as Microsoft word, the printer will show up in the printers drop down menu. First click start and then go to settings and click on printers and faxes or just printers. Then a screen will come up, click on add printer. Then the add printer wizard will come up. Then two options will come that say add local or network printer. If your printer is hooked up directly to your computer, click local, if it is over a network click network printer. If you click local printer it will automatically detect your printer or you can select it manually in the list that comes up. now if you hit network printer, it will ask you to type the name of your printer or hit next to browse. you can try typing the name of the printer but if you don't know it select next and then you can browse for a printer in your domain. Click on your domain and then a printer should show up under it. Click on it and hit next. Then it will also ask you to make it your default printer you can click yes or no. If you click yes it will automatically show up when you hit print and if you hit no you will have to choose it from the drop down menu. Finally click finish  and then your printer should be added to the list of printers and you can print from it.

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