Apple V.S. PC, Operating Systems

When you buy either an Apple computer or a PC, you will have a different operating system (OS) on each. These two operating systems are good for different tasks. When you buy an Apple computer, you will get many cool programs like imovie, iphoto, garage band, and many more. You will be able to edit and make movies with imovie. Imovie has good special effects, music, and is easy to use.  You will be able to edit sound files, record, and mix different music, with garage band. If you have a lot of pictures, you can store them in iphoto. Iphoto makes your pictures easy to find and edit. Apple computers also have their own E-mail program, internet browser, and photo booth. These are very helpful programs used for editing and making media projects. Apple computers have a feature that lets you share your creations with other programs. If you choose to share, you will be able to convert your movie or creation into many different formats. You can convert it to ipod format, quick time, and many other programs or formats without installing any 3rd party software. There is also a program called dashboard, which has different widgets. These widgets have different features, such as showing the stocks or the weather. Now with Windows, you will notice its lack of features and programs. When you buy a windows computer, you will not have Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or any other software. You will just have windows movie maker and windows media player. So since there are no programs with a PC you will have to go out and buy programs or buy them included with your PC. This will cost you extra! A good thing about PC's is that their operating system is very familiar to everyone. You will be able to get right on your computer and have fun. Where as when you get an Apple computer, you might have to learn a few things, but I don't think this will be a big deal. Windows has just started to incorporate widgets into there OS. Where do you think they got them from? Well Apple's OS has had them for a long time. Another thing in windows, that is really annoying is that when you set up your internet connection, you have to do a lot of work. If you are new to computers this can take a really long time. When you have an Apple computer, it sets up your internet connection immediately! This saves a lot of work for you. One very good thing about Windows is that most programs made for computers are for PC's. So most of the software out there is for PC's and not for Apple computers. These are just some of the high points and low points of these operating systems.

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