Apple Hardware V.S. PC Hardware

Apple computers and PC's use some of the same hardware such as their processors, but they have mostly different hardware. When using a PC you can only run windows on it. On an Apple computer you can run Windows and OSX. (OSX is an Apple computers OS) This is because of their hardware. Apple's hardware can support both operating systems if you use their boot camp program. This lets you choose which operating system (OS) you want to use when it boots up. This is a very nice feature. On the other hand windows doesn't make a program for this. This is one of the downfalls of PC hardware. A good thing about PC hardware is that you can change parts and customize it yourself... If you know what you are doing! On the other hand with Apple computers you don't have a choice. This is a very nice thing for PC's because you can make your computer really fast and customize it for your needs. Also if one of your parts dies in your Apple computer you can't just buy a new one and swap them. You will need to send it into the shop for them to repair. This can cost more money than if you just fixed it yourself. I have had a Macbook for a while now and it has overheated more than once, the hard drive got broken, the keyboard broke, and the Ram also had to be replaced. From these experiences I can begin to think that Apple's hardware has some kinks in it! This is another strong point for PC's because it seems their hardware doesn't die so easily. Another problem is that when you buy an Apple computer they are so much more expensive than regular PC's. If you were to customize your PC you could make it as good or better for a lower price. You can't do this with an Apple computer. This is bad because an Apple computer has so many good features but they are really expensive. I have played games on Apple computers and their laptops are really bad for gaming. They have a low frame per second (FPS). This is how many frames are shown in a game per second. If this is low then the game seems as if it is skipping. With a PC if you have a decent video card you can get a much higher fps. Another thing to note is that if you plan on over-clocking with you computer don't use an Apple computer. Over-clocking is when you make you video card, ram, or processor work faster than normal. You shouldn't do it with an Apple computer because there aren't many programs or guides on how to do this. Also Apple doesn't want you to over-clock. On a PC you can do this a lot easier. Also if you change settings on your Apple laptop or computer you could void the warranty! On an Apple computer the thing I like the best is that they are a lot faster than PC's! They boot up really quick and are just really fast. So if you plan on getting a computer that is good for gaming, is low priced, and that can be customized you should stick with a PC. If you a computer with multiple OS's and cool features you should get an Apple computer. Share you opinion on this article by leaving a comment!

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gitghetto said...

well, the thing is that it isn't that Mac's hardware is so compatible. It's that Mac's software is so incompatible, except with the particular hardware that they choose. You can make a PC run Mac OS X, if you get the proper hardware. (It's called a Hackintosh) That's the only problem I have with your report. Oh, also you can have a dual boot PC with almost any flavour of linux instead of Mac OS X.

Anonymous said...

Apple uses a very narrow choice of hardware so that their OS fits only their parts (btw which are not "unique for apple" at all)...And Yes, it is awful for gaming (have You noticed that GTA III (game from 2002) had it's première at Apples Appstore last month? :P) And now the greatest advantages of using linux (e.g. Ubuntu) - it's free and it's totally flezible (noone tells You that You should use "that particular apple software" to do sth

Tasnim said...

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