Free Computer Gear!!!

Hello, there are a few websites that I would like to point out. These websites are legit freebie sites that offer custom prize claims. The sites are: Prize Rebel and Gaming Lagoon. With these sites, you can complete offers for points, and each point is worth $1. When you have enough points for the item you want to buy, you can request a custom prize claim. If you use gaming lagoon, you can give them the link to the product you want and they will deliver it to you. You can use this for all of your computer gear, games, and anything else you want. If you use prize rebel, you need to pick something off of These sites are completely legit because I have gotten prizes from them! I have gotten WII points cards from each site, and the points really worked! The offers each count for a different amount of points. Also there are offers that don't require a credit card number! Prize rebel and gaming lagoon approve your offers very quickly too. They also have fast shipping, between 4-5 days on average. There is another great feature that these sites have. Each day they give out free WII points, Xbox live cards, Microsoft points and many other free gifts. You just have to be the first one to use the card to get the points! Use the links provided to check these sites out!

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