Static IP and Dynamic IP

An IP addresses is an identification number for your computer given to you by your internet service provider(ISP). There are two types of IP addresses. One is static and one is dynamic. A static IP address is a permanent address and it never changes. There are only a certain amount of static IP addresses that an ISP gives out. When they run out of these addresses, they have a pool of other IP addresses that aren't static. When someone logs onto the internet the ISP picks a random IP address and gives it to that person. This IP address lasts only for a certain amount of time or for the time that they are online. This is called a Dynamic IP, and if you have this kind of IP address you will have a different address every time you log onto the internet.  A static IP address is good because you will always have the same IP address and you will always know which IP is yours. It is also good to have a static IP address, because if you want to become a host for an online game you will need a static IP. This is because your IP address will keep changing if it is dynamic. This is a problem because other people or players will not know which IP address to use to get into your server. If you want to check which type of IP address you have, click on start. Then click on "run" in the menu. Then a box will come up that asks what to run. Then type in: cmd. Then a black screen will come up, then you will need to type: ipconfig/all. After typing this, information will show up telling you your IP address. Now all you have to do is go on and off of the internet and check your IP address. If it changes you have a dynamic IP address. If your IP stays the same you have a static IP address.

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