Entrecard Contest!

I am hosting an Entrecard Contest starting today (4/26/08) and ending on Saturday May 10th. For those of you who don't know about Entrecard, it is an advertising site that can be used to promote your website. You can sign up for an account at their site: Entrecard.com. There are credits that you can earn and use for different purposes. If you enter my Entrecard Contest you will have two prizes to win. First place will get 500 ec and second place will get is 250 ec. I will transfer your prize to your Entrecard account if you win. The winners will be chosen at random. To enter this contest, there are 3 simple things to do. First you must leave a comment on a post of your liking, then you will have to sign up for Computer Concoctions blog newsletter. When you sign up for the newsletter you must verify your e-mail address to become an active subscriber. You will also get added benefits for doing this, such as exclusive content. Finally, the last thing you must do is, drop your card on my Entrecard widget.  Doing all of these things will result in you being entered in the contest. Winners will be chosen on Saturday May 10th at 5:00 P.M. Eastern Time. I will notify you by E-mail if you have won. So make sure to sign up for my blog newsletter. I will be posting the winners up on Computer Concoctions when the contest ends, so check back later to see who wins.

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